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Notes on driving the trail route
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As the map above shows, a drive through the country covered by this stretch of trail can be done on pavement by following Wyoming route 220 from Casper to Muddy Gap Junction, then following US 287 to about 10 miles south of Lander, and finally taking Wyoming 28 across South Pass. But as the map shows, these highways contact the actual trail route in only a few places. There are several unpaved roads that (in good weather) can be traveled by most passenger cars to get closer to the actual trail. There are other roads in the area that will take a determined visitor to even more locations on the original trail. Much of the trail is on private land -- be sure to obtain appropriate permission before attempting to cross these places. Good maps are essential, and map websites such as TerraServer-USA (see the many links in the photo tour section) are a good place to start. Advice from the BLM field offices will also help greatly.